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[24 Aug 2015 | No Comment | 0 views]

You’re happy with your iPhone, but your wireless carrier occupies five of the nine circles of hell? Time to BYOD on another carrier. To find out if your Apple smartphone or, for that matter, cellular iPad is compatible, you will …

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[12 Aug 2015 | No Comment | 3 views]

Apple recently updated its entire iPod product, kind of. The iPod touch has been thoroughly updated, while the iPod nano and iPod shuffle got chromatic overhauls (aka new colors). Now, however, the 7th Gen iPod nano has a software update.
About …

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[22 Jul 2015 | No Comment | 433 views]

As you probably know, Apple announced and shipped the 2015 iPod touch. Quite naturally, Apple has now trimmed refurbished iPod touch in order to move stock of these older, yet still pretty darned excellent camera + media player + internet …

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[21 Jul 2015 | No Comment | 442 views]

The other day, I came to obvious conclusion that running iOS 9 beta on my iPad Air, one of my daily drivers, was a bad idea. As I had a pre-iOS 9 iPad backup in iTunes, I chose to restore …

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[11 Jul 2015 | No Comment | 244 views]

If you’re not mobile, you’re not living! And, here at the Fairer Platform, we are all about enabling mobile addiction with these hot, hot, hot mobile deals on mostly Apple gear. Although we aren’t fandroids, even we recognize that dirt …

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[7 Jul 2015 | One Comment | 42 views]

Worry not intrepid iOS 8.4 fans, this post is spoiler free — we won’t tell how Apple’s new iOS 8.4 User Guides end! We can tell you, however, that everything new in iOS 8.4 is encapsulated in these riveting digital-only …

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[3 Jul 2015 | No Comment | 47 views]

It is a long, long way to Grandma’s house and, quite frankly, the eating and fireworks aside, not much is happening there! So, tuck into another plate of po’ sal’ and the July 4th iOS game sale and save up …

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[12 Jun 2015 | No Comment | 50 views]

Refurbished iPod nano models have been largely missing from the special deals section of the Apple Store. But they are back with a large selection of colors available for outfit coordination consideration.
Additionally, there is a descent though hardly exhaustive selection …

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[30 May 2015 | No Comment | 34 views]

Have an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5/s/c or fifth generation iPod touch? Then you, my friend, need a dock. And, happy weekend, Belkin iPhone 6 docks (aka lightning docks) are on sale big time with markdowns of 50 …

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[28 May 2015 | No Comment | 15 views]

Apple makes best-in-class gear, but you needn’t pay full retail. Here’s a quick listing of tech coupons and deals for most if not all of your Mac, iPhone, iPad and software/app needs. Not impressed? Then read on for some of …

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[20 May 2015 | No Comment | 53 views]

This is the lowest refurbished iPhone 5c price, $179, we could find anywhere. Moreover, it’s for an unlocked iPhone 5c, so you can use it on pretty much any network you’d like — pretty cool.
The refurbished iPod touch — it’s …

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[29 Apr 2015 | No Comment | 16 views]

Earlier this month, I bought a refurbished iPad Air and, at $339 with free shipping and one-year warranty, it was a pretty good deal. However, you can get refurbished iPad Air at Walmart for just $299.99 with free shipping and …

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[27 Apr 2015 | 3 Comments | 25 views]

When it comes to value, it is hard to beat the iPod touch — everything good about the iPhone without a contract! Naturally, buying a Apple Certified Factory Refurbished iPod touch doubles down, delivering the same great Jony Ive designed …

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[20 Apr 2015 | One Comment | 418 views]

Are you an iOS geek or perhaps even sys admin or mobile device trainer? You are going to need Apple’s freshly updated iOS 8.3 User Guides, which are now available on the iBooks Store.
iPhone: iOS 8.3 User Guide
Here’s everything you …

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[10 Apr 2015 | No Comment | 997 views]

Apple is in the midst of transitioning its Mac user base from iPhoto and Aperture to Photos, which shipped earlier this week bundled with OS X 10.10.3. On Thursday, the company delivered perhaps the final piece of the Photos transition …