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[1 Feb 2014 | No Comment | 262 views]

Shopped out. The selection on the Apple Store Special Deals section has thin for weeks. So, when kit comes in, it’s time to fire up WordPress and get the news out about the refurbished Mac mini, MacBook Air and MacBook …

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[31 Jan 2014 | 7 Comments | 2,532 views]

Apple’s second and still brewing second Mavericks update fixes bugs, delivers a whole bunch of new graphics drivers and also brings minor new features. As we near the public release, what else is “known” about OS X 10.9.2? Step inside …

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[30 Jan 2014 | No Comment | 152 views]

Whether you watch or just listen as they play in the background, here are several collections of Mac TV advertising, both product and the much-loved “Get a Mac” series. Start your weekend right with a Mac 30th anniversary inspired smile, …

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[28 Jan 2014 | 6 Comments | 429 views]

Perspective, it’s all about perspective. While there is no doubt that $2,999 is a fair piece of change, the Mac Pro price is actually quite cheap for folks in the target market. Don’t believe me? Then trust a pro.
Dave Girard, …

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[28 Jan 2014 | No Comment | 283 views]

On paper, the gigabit wifi (aka 802.11ac) standard looks great — up to 1300 Mbps of screaming fast wireless. The reality, however, is somewhat less than the advertised. That said, though many products claim 802.11ac speeds, most deliver only a …

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[27 Jan 2014 | No Comment | 656 views]

Back in 2003, Walter Murch was an Academy Award nominee for the editing work he did on Cold Mountain (iTunes) and he did that work on a Mac using the then “new” Final Cut Pro. While that wasn’t the first …

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[26 Jan 2014 | No Comment | 235 views]

No, you don’t need to use Mac antivirus software, until you do. With ClamXav, free and built with open-source technology, the opportunity cost of running Mac antivirus is essentially zero and it is marvelously customizable. Install it, run it — …

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[26 Jan 2014 | No Comment | 502 views]

And, the Mac 30th goodness continues! The rest of us have watched the video of Steve Jobs introduce the original Mac at the Apple shareholder meeting on YouTube. However, the production quality of this Boston Computer Society intro video is …

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[24 Jan 2014 | No Comment | 1,026 views]

Promises, promises. Apple’s initial iWork ’13 release — Pages 5, Keynote 6, Numbers 3 — delivered collaborative document editing while simultaneously removing a number of popular and powerful features. The company has promised to add most if not all of …

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[24 Jan 2014 | No Comment | 273 views]

While Photoshop has been updated since the release of the Late 2013 Mac Pro, Adobe didn’t deliver any model specific upgrades or enhancements. Pixelmator Team has been much more forthcoming with Pixelmator 3.1, which is full optimized for the …

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[24 Jan 2014 | One Comment | 979 views]

Whatever else this Mavericks update developer seed (aka OS X 10.9.2 13C44) is it is big, tipping the scales at over 1.9GB. The previous seed [build 13C39] arrived just a week ago and it is perhaps reasonable to assume that …

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[23 Jan 2014 | One Comment | 334 views]

A workaday iTunes 11 update that also brings a new featurette — the ability to see your Wish List while viewing your iTunes Library. Don’t have a Wish List? Me neither, but it’s now more accessible.
• iTunes 11.1.4 (download)

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[22 Jan 2014 | No Comment | 331 views]

This is a two-fer from designer Christian Heudens. Like his previous creation, iOS 7 Lockscreen Mac screensaver, the Time Machine and RSS Time Machine Mac screensavers tastefully riff on Apple user interface design elements — brilliant stuff.
If you would like …

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[22 Jan 2014 | No Comment | 140 views]

The Mac bundle concept is popular because you get a lot of great software for just a little money. Mate the Mac bundle with name your own price and the value multiplies. Toss in the chance to win a free …

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[20 Jan 2014 | No Comment | 190 views]

The Omni Group is unique and not just because of long, long commitment to Steve Jobs vision, first producing apps for NeXT and later for Mac. OmniOutliner 4 is the latest statement of commitment in their journey, which began in …