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[17 Dec 2013 | No Comment | 147 views]

Call it version creep. GraphicConverter 9.0.1 is now available, which is interesting in that v9.0.0 never, at least as far as I can tell, was released to the public. Nevertheless, there are new features and a low introductory price to …

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[17 Dec 2013 | No Comment | 639 views]

Even before OS X 10.9′s October 22 release, it was rumored that Apple was internally testing Mavericks updates. Now, after about two months and a string of developer betas, we get something a bit closer to a finished product, OS …

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[12 Dec 2013 | No Comment | 185 views]

What’s the news? It is time, once again, to download and install an Apple app update. iPhoto 9.5.1 is a modest in size (55MB) and scope update that promises to fix print preview, as well as other unidentified issues.
• iPhoto …

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[11 Dec 2013 | No Comment | 213 views]

Yes, a skilled user can extract individual install packages from .dmg disk images, as well as .zip, .tar. tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .pax, and .xar archives (and more). But, a savvy user knows how to get the job done faster and easier, …

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[11 Dec 2013 | No Comment | 155 views]

And, the Mac Bundle deals just keep coming. Stack Social has retired a couple bundles — Black Friday, Variety — while introducing Merry Mac Beats + Media, featuring FotoMagico, TuneUp, MegaSeg DJ, MixTape Pro, MacX DVD ripper Pro, Hear and …

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[10 Dec 2013 | No Comment | 310 views]

It’s just an app — why write up every little update? Some apps, like VLC for Mac, are seriously important and, in the open source space, VLC for Mac is right at the top of the list, critical.
If you have …

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[9 Dec 2013 | One Comment | 315 views]

Looking for a wide variety of Mac screensavers? XScreenSaver delivers several hundred (really, several hundred) and they now come wrapped in a nifty catch-all installer. While developer Jamie Zawinski et al added the installer in the previous update, this particular …

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[8 Dec 2013 | No Comment | 1,216 views]

There is a dusting of snow outside my window. With a sweater, it’s warm in here and my coffee’s hot, sweet and bracing. And, there’s another pleasantry, a bit of visual comfort food playing on my Mac — Winter screensavers.
I …

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[7 Dec 2013 | No Comment | 219 views]

And, by supercharged, Acorn developer Gus Mueller means all kinds of OpenGL, OpenCL (via Core Image) and Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) goodness have been baked in for faster performance and longer battery life. All of this in anticipation of Apple’s …

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[6 Dec 2013 | No Comment | 186 views]

Choice is good and here is a whole bunch of good! Four unique app bundles for your Christmas Mac or just give new life to your legacy Apple computer — eight, 10 apps or more from $39 with categories covering …

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[3 Dec 2013 | No Comment | 120 views]

Yesterday, Apple UK Leaked FileMaker Pro 13 and today the database app + a dot-fix update shipped on this side of the pond. And, the company has fleshed out the new feature list, as well, with FileMaker WebDirect headlining.
Yes, FileMaker …

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[2 Dec 2013 | No Comment | 239 views]

CyberMonday is much more of marketing slogan these days, but there are deals nonetheless. Here’s the Fairer Platform’s CyberMonday Mac software edition, featuring deals from Amazon, Stack Social, Pinnacle, Parallels and even Apple — let’s dig in.
First off, though not …

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[2 Dec 2013 | One Comment | 763 views]

‘It’s been a long time, been a long time, been a long lonely, lonely…’ 20 months since Apple’s oft-forgot subsidiary last updated their namesake database app/platform. Yes, FileMaker Pro 13 is available for sale overseas, but for some reason can’t …

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[27 Nov 2013 | One Comment | 312 views]

There is goofy and then there is Skype for Mac. In addition to its well-remarked visually challenged user interface, Skype’s version numbering system is “different,” too. For example, I noticed v6.11 was available and that I had v6.7 installed. That …

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[25 Nov 2013 | No Comment | 1,373 views]

Honestly, even though iWork ’09 found its way onto SWIM’s “new” (2011 refurbished) iMac and upgrading to Mavericks, I’ve hesitated publishing this tip. Now, an A-list pub has run the story and, well, that was that… Here’s how to get …