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[6 Dec 2013 | No Comment | 491 views]

Cord cutters are one thing and cable nevers are quite another. Yes, cable TV providers have been bleeding subscribers, which should be alarming to Time Warner, Comcast et al. However, the big (encouraging) news is the large number of young …

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[20 Nov 2013 | No Comment | 299 views]

While nothing beats the Roku (links below) for the shear volume and variety of content available, Apple has been relentlessly adding new apps and, thereby, content to the Apple TV over the last year — it’s like getting a better, …

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[18 Nov 2013 | No Comment | 606 views]

Are you ready to be a cord cutter? Whether you just shouted an emphatic “yes!” or just wonder about the possibilities, you need not make a definitive choice right now — you can cut the cord in steps and here …

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[15 Nov 2013 | No Comment | 228 views]

Schadenfreude is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. Like lots of folks, I get a thrill watching the pay TV suppliers, especially the cable companies, in pain and they’re definitely suffering, if only a little.
LA Times, quoting Moffett and …

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[17 Oct 2013 | One Comment | 489 views]

Depending on where you live and which package you get, the cost of cable TV has doubled or even tripled over the last decade. The cure? If you live in or around a city metro, then a good antenna and …

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[27 Sep 2013 | No Comment | 160 views]

Streaming media services and set top box makers are getting busy, together. But don’t look away because they’re doing it all for you (and profit). Netflix is now offering Super HD to all subscribers with 1080p devices (and adequate bandwidth), …

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[25 Sep 2013 | No Comment | 139 views]

A recent FCC filing revealed Roku’s plans to release a new low-cost set top box, though few details were known at the time. The company has now ended all speculation by releasing new Roku models and, perhaps with an eye …

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[20 Sep 2013 | No Comment | 351 views]

As cable and satellite TV providers bleed subscribers, IPTV services continue to rapidly add customers. Specifically, 38 percent of American homes now subscribe to Netflix while Hulu and Amazon Instant continue to make big gains, too.
New data from Nielsen Ratings, …

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[18 Sep 2013 | No Comment | 178 views]

The Roku 3, which shipped in March, has been received very well both critically and in the marketplace. The Roku 3, however, isn’t a standalone device, but a template for other new set top boxes, including the upcoming low-cost Roku …

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[16 Sep 2013 | No Comment | 168 views]

Or, heaven — some folks think that Holland and heaven are actually the same place. What’s all that? When Netflix was deciding what content to offer in Holland, the streaming video giant checked out torrent sites to see which movies …

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[13 Sep 2013 | No Comment | 343 views]

Are you cord cutter curious and want to get a taste before telling Time Warner or Comcast to go take a flying leap? A great place to start is a free Amazon Prime 30-day trial, which is loaded with tons …

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[7 Sep 2013 | No Comment | 1,135 views]

Here is a slightly different take on the cord cutter data the Fairer Platform first reported last month. However, the conclusions are the same — cord cutting is gaining momentum and cable TV is taking it on the chin.
Business Insider, …

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[26 Aug 2013 | No Comment | 871 views]

You are paying more than $100 a month for cable and you have had enough — watch, save, be a cord cutter! You can do it with an Apple TV, about which much good can be said, or the Roku …

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[21 Aug 2013 | No Comment | 732 views]

Steve Job’s little black hobby puck accounts for 56 percent of the IPTV set top market. So, when important new content, like Vevo, comes to the platform, it’s a big deal.
Vevo is coming to Apple TV, perhaps as early as …

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[19 Aug 2013 | No Comment | 567 views]

After years of denial by cable and satellite TV providers, there is now no doubt traditional pay TV is on the decline. And, here’s a look at the other side that coin — cord cutters and the rise in IPTV …