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[4 Sep 2015 | No Comment | 0 views]

Unnamed “reliable sources” have intimated to Mark Gurman that, yes, Apple will deliver 4K iMacs in the October-November timeframe. Given that Apple rarely pre-announces new products, this is all the confirmation we can expect until Tim Cook et al actually …

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[17 Aug 2015 | No Comment | 15 views]

A pair of FCC filings dated August 14 indicate that Apple will be updating its Magic Mouse and wireless keyboard, probably during the company’s regular Fall Mac refresh.
Expected in late September or early October, it is widely believed Apple …

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[4 Aug 2015 | No Comment | 1 views]

French fansite Cosomac went rooting around in El Capitan Beta 6 and found, lo’ and behold, more 4K iMac references (French). Of course, these 4K iMac references underscore those previously leaked by Apple back in June and confirmed by Apple …

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[3 Aug 2015 | No Comment | 10 views]

And, this my friends is the September quarter. As Apple itself let slip back in June, more updated 2015 iMac models are coming later this year. Now, we also have confirmation from perhaps the industry’s most accurate Apple prognosticator.
KGI Securities …

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[6 Jul 2015 | One Comment | 62 views]

Can you image using touch enabled OS X El Capitan on your iPad Air? Honestly, I can. However, running the full desktop Mac operating system might go over better on the long-rumored 12.9-inch iPad Pro.
Patently Apple, which tracks Apple’s various …

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[12 Jun 2014 | No Comment | 3,012 views]

What is new and exciting in OS X 10.9.4, Apple’s upcoming Mavericks update? Aside from the usual bug fixes and feature tweaks, as well as fresh mentions of unreleased 2014 iMac models, not one heckuva lot.
To date, mention of three …

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[9 Jun 2014 | No Comment | 825 views]

Ever since Apple created and shipped the Retina MacBook Pro, the rest of us have been waiting for every other Mac to get the Retina treatment. Although no product’s real until ships, eagle eyed developers have spotted Retina iMac references …

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[3 Apr 2014 | No Comment | 3,038 views]

Like many would-be 2013 Mac Pro buyers, Fairer Platform reader “Bob” ordered early and is still waiting. He lives in that space somewhere between Mac Pro supply and FedEx at his door.
Although he did go with a BTO D700 graphics …

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[14 Dec 2013 | No Comment | 1,266 views]

Apple announced on October 22 that the 2013 Mac Pro ship date would fall in December. About a week ago, European reseller sources said that it would arrive on the 16th and/or 18th. Regardless, the month is rapidly slipping away …

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[2 Dec 2013 | No Comment | 1,382 views]

‘It’s been a long time, been a long time, been a long lonely, lonely…’ 20 months since Apple’s oft-forgot subsidiary last updated their namesake database app/platform. Yes, FileMaker Pro 13 is available for sale overseas, but for some reason can’t …

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[1 Nov 2013 | No Comment | 3,222 views]

In the name of Ra, what is this? By Zeus, could it be true? One nation under Crom? Well, nothing is under Crom, but… A mathematician and logician got together to grind some equations, all of them symbolic, on a …

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[16 Aug 2013 | No Comment | 2,633 views]

Ming-Chi Kuo is being quoted across the web today, but those reports miss much of the meat. A leading Taiwanese tech publication fleshes out Kuo’s latest iPhone 5S spec and BoM predictions.
Differing levels of detail. Yes, the oft-cited Ming-chi Kuo …

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[11 Jul 2013 | No Comment | 1,293 views]

Another week, another interim Mountain Lion update beta. As developers have come to expect, OS X 10.8.5 12F20 arrives with no known issues, but tipsters do have a few things to say about this particular seed. Step inside for the …

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[9 Jul 2013 | No Comment | 4,383 views]

Call it OS X 10.9 Developer Preview 3, 13A510d or Beta 3 if you like, but it’s all the same to the rest of us. Whereas the previous beta, 13A497d, arrived chockablock with new features, tweaks and fixes, this particular …

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[4 Jul 2013 | No Comment | 2,054 views]

What will be new and interesting in OS X 10.8.5? Meh, it’s an interim maintenance update that’s about bug fixes and, aside from what areas devs should focus their testing on, Apple is tight lipped about those changes, too.
Per established …