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[8 Aug 2015 | One Comment | ]

Among the many new features and apps in OS X 10.11 El Capitan is Notes 4. New features include a Mail-esque three-pane user interface, inline media files, attachment browser, more robust sharing system-wide and a list maker.
Probably the first thing …

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There are nice selections of refurbished MacBook Airs and 13-inch MacBook Pros in stock. However, as of this writing, refurbished 15-inch MacBook Pros are nowhere to be found — they won’t be gone long, though.
Apple Certified Factory Refurbished MacBooks all …

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What is Tim Cook worth to Apple? His salary is just one of the many expenses the company covers for its CEO and, although he isn’t the lightning rod of controversy that Steve Jobs was, security for his Timness still …

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[6 Aug 2015 | One Comment | ]

All kinds of stupid. Britain’s High Court recently overturned copying exceptions allowed earlier in the year by the UK Government. That not only means iTunes ripping is illegal, but also performing computer backups (if the computer contains copyrighted material) is …

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Where PWYW stands for “pay what you want”… But get in quick, because the Mac Power User Bundle “beat the average price” will go up! If you only wanna pay $1, you get Screens and Find Any File, together a …

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[6 Aug 2015 | No Comment | ]

The sky is falling! The sky is fall…, wait… OK, then. It turns out that the DYLD bug is actually hard to exploit and Apple’s next Yosemite update includes a DYLD patch. That said, here is the latest seed, OS …

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[5 Aug 2015 | 2 Comments | ]

Back in June, Fairer Platform brought you 10 Awesome Granite Chiseled El Capitan wallpapers and the uptake was impressive. As beautiful as those El Capitan wallpapers were, however, Apple just delivered the most beautiful bundled inside OS X El Capitan …

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There is no debate left in the climate change issue, none. Nor is there any debate left in the municipal broadband issue. Take the example of rural Sandy, Oregon and their homegrown gigabit fiber network.
But first, a quick trip to …

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According to its most recent quarterly report, Apple cash and liquid assets, nearly all of its overseas, total $202.8 billion. If you are like me, the mere existence of such a massive pile o’ cash quite naturally begs the question, …