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Christian Bale as Steve Jobs? Perhaps the producers of the upcoming Jobs biopic are attracted by Bale’s biblical good looks. On other hand, maybe Bale is attracted by a sense of biblical megalomania. That is, the actor has played both …

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Just a dot update? Hardly. Evernote for Mac 5.7 boasts 3X faster syncing and, this one’s a big help, notes are now Spotlight searchable (image below), which can greatly speedup discovery and retrieval given the central position Spotlight plays in …

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How do you top multimillion seller Bastion? Back to the well is an excellent strategy though hardly the final word on Transistor from famed game developer Amir Rao (Supergiant Games) with original soundtrack from Darren Knob.
From the creators of Bastion, …

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Make more money while losing bleeding customers due to industry worst customer satisfaction? That is a pretty neat trick and exactly what Time Warner Cable said it accomplished in the third quarter of 2014. Naturally, the secret to their …

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Apple’s Continuity + Handoff functionality unites apps and functionality across OS X Yosemite to iOS 8 and back again. The simple idea with Handoff being, “start it here, finish it there,” seamlessly.
Are you familiar with iCloud Tabs, introduce in 2013’s …

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Back in 2008, at the beginning of the great recession and the Fairer Platform family dropped cable TV, people didn’t know what “cord cutter” meant. These days, however, cord cutting is all the rage and broadband only homes, like ours, …

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What kind of refurbished iPod do you need? An $89 iPod touch that does the internet and takes decent pictures or a $99 iPod nano that does FM Radio? Choice, it’s a good thing and, as always, shipping is free.
Apple …

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Out and about. Apple Vice President iPhone Product Marketing Greg Joswiak did a sit down with Walt Mosberg and Ina Fried. Yes, he was well rehearsed and didn’t make any notable faux pas, but it’s nonetheless good to hear a …

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While Yosemite issues have been generally few — hello, wifi! — one consistent theme has been CUDA issues with OS X 10.10. That said, in you missed it, nVidia issued a CUDA Mac Update for a limited number of Macs …

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MacBook died and a new unit just isn’t in your budget? An Apple Certified Factory Refurbished MacBook Pro gets you the super reliable Apple portable you need, including full + extendible AppleCare and free shipping, for hundreds less.
• [12] Refurbished …