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While some in the media focussed on the kale eared malcontents put off by the groundbreaking Apple + U2 collaboration, the simple fact of the matter is that the Songs of Innocence album give away is a massive success.
Apple’s Eddie …

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People like to complain about Apple’s prices. However, the clever Apple fan knows how to get the world’s best gear at the world’s best prices — go mobile with a refurbished MacBook, refurbished iPad and refurbished iPod for less, a …

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And, by free Mac games we mean no upfront cost, but endless temptations and mind games to get you to spend all kinds of money. Yes, basic game play is free, but it takes a strong, strong man to keep …

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If you are a cord cutter on a budget and/or in an area with poor broadcast TV reception, then you really need to get acquainted with USTVnow. With this “channel” installed on your Roku, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad or many …

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And, ultimately, it’s all fat. But if you can’t live without a least a little of that artery blocking (sports) and brain choking (reality TV) fat, perhaps it is time for cord shaving.
“People are clearly pushing back against the price …

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Spock, jamming with Uhura and even the space hippies, who knew he was so funky? While you can’t sit in with Spock, you can learn to play his axe, the Vulcan Harp. Yep, there is an app for that, though …

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Although Microsoft doesn’t come right out and say it, Skype for Mac 7 is Yosemite ready — it now requires at least OS X 10.9 or better and is fully 64-bit. Additionally, it sports an updated user interface, as well …

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A third Yosemite Gold Master? Mac user forums are full of snark and sarcasm for Apple’s OS X Yosemite Gold Master Candidate 3, which is perhaps as unsurprising as it is pointless. Seriously, are we all in here or what?
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And, by fiber, I mean both the strength of character and optical varieties. So what’s the difference between your city and The Dalles, Oregon? Three discordant facts come to mind: 1.) the town has just 13,000 people, 2.) owns a …

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Apple is announcing new iPads and you, well, probably won’t be getting one. Regardless, freshen up your existing iPad, iPhone or iPod touch with a fresh faced case with these great Halloween Deals — scare up some savings!
Halloween Deals @ …