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What’s not to love? With a Roku box or, now, the second generation Roku Streaming Stick, you get access to 1,200 plus channels and more than 31,000 movies. The big advantage of the new Roku Streaming Stick is that it …

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Last week, Apple released OS X Mavericks, Mountain Lion and Lion specific fixes for the “go to fail” SSL certificate issue. The mothership did not, however, release an OS X Snow Leopard fix, which lead a notable chicken little (aka …

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Yesterday, Apple and Benz, Volvo and Ferrari introduced CarPlay and today we have videos, lots of videos. There are, of course, the official vids from the carmakers, as well as hands on reviews from the car media.
Fun stuff and likely …

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[28 Feb 2014 | 2 Comments | ]

It is a very simple question with no easy answer. Should I buy Apple TV now or wait? While Apple is certainly working on and will release a new TV something, “When?” is an open question.
However, if you have been …

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[28 Feb 2014 | One Comment | ]

Because it patches the “go to fail” SSL certificate security vulnerability, Apple’s iOS 7.0.6 is an absolute necessity. That said, some iPhone users, not many, have noticed a battery issue that makes their Apple smartphones hot and powerless.
So, if you …

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Have you noticed that apps no longer “crash,” but rather “unexpectedly quit”? iTunes 11.1.5 addresses an issue that caused the app to not crash and otherwise stop functioning.
• iTunes 11.1.5 (download)
— Fixes a problem that may cause iTunes to …

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If dissatisfaction is the mother of change, data is mother’s milk. That said, FCC Speed Test, a consumer app for collecting broadband metrics, is now available of iPhone and iPad.
An ongoing nationwide performance study of broadband service in the …

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Seven public betas over two months and here we are, finally. Apple has delivered OS X 10.9.2 and there is much to consider. In addition to desirable new features, like FaceTime Audio, there are many bug fixes, including a patch …

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Just one of a handful of apps optimized for Apple’s amazing new Mac Pro, Acorn 4 is an A-list image editor. Part of what keeps it there is the continual flow of updates and here comes Acorn 4.3, which packs …

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On this date 59 years ago, February 24, 1955, Steve Jobs was born and then quickly put up for adoption. Although the rest of us didn’t remember, CEO Tim Cook did and tweeted a pair of short quotes from the …