iPad killer application discovered in Sweden

Think Swedes are all annoyingly svelt, tall, beautiful, polite and hyper PC? Well, you are mostly right, like 99.99% right. There are, however, always exceptions and one man child has discovered the iPad’s one true killer application, murder.

Here are the nuts of the story via local.se in English:

— He said he used a “loudspeaker and an iPad” as weapons during the fight

— The victim was found with 20 stabbing and knife wounds on his body according to details of the investigation

Bury the hatchet, get the above iPad sticker

While the iPad has been shown to have sharp edges, it’s hard to imagine Apple’s tablet being used to inflict stabbing wounds. Regardless, the alleged perp claims he was acting in self defense.

That said, I somehow doubt Apple’s iPad will be half as useful in his defense before the court as it was in dispatching the victim.

Gallows humor, it’s how I survive in Trump’s America…

What’s your survival strategy? And, what would you do? Should the defendant take his chances in court or just cop the best plea deal he can?

Inquiring minds want to know…