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People were pretty surprised when another Apple I motherboard in working condition sold for $671,400 in May 2013. This particular Apple I, which was hand assembled by Steve Wozniak in Steve Jobs’ garage in 1976, was expected to fetch $400,000.
But, …

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While all of the major browser vendors have patched the Poodle SSL 3 vulnerability, the said same major browser vendors all agree that SSL 3 should no longer be used. Apple is doing its part, telling its developer partners that …

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It was 13 years ago on Tuesday, October 23, 2001 that Steve Jobs introduced the original iPod and taught the world how to play music, again. But say “hello” one last time and now say “goodbye” to 1,000 songs in …

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Today’s iMac and Mac Pro challenge those old assumption that Mom stays home and dad goes out to work. Nope, now the lady rocking the mommy jeans brings home the artisanal reduced sodium organic hickory smoked bacon.
Actually, no one need …

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Still waiting for the iPhone nano? Me, too, sort of. However, like an Apple branded Blu-Ray player, the iMac touch is a zombie rumor that you can quite safely lay to rest.
Yes, you can get an iMac touch right now, …

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No one is on the verge of rolling out 10Gbps fiber broadband just yet, but South Korea’s SK Telecom has joined Bell Labs and Google Fiber in talking about über fast internet. That said, SK will join Bell Labs in …

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In addition to the fact that eBooks save trees, the next best thing about iBooks is that there are so many truly awesome free eBooks available on the iBooks Store. From classics, like Jane Austina’s Pride & Prejudice, to today’s …

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Poodle, would a rat dog, often really big ones, by any other name be less psychotic? The world’s Secure Socket Layer (SSL) problems* just won’t stay fixed and Mac security is affected. Apple has issued a Poodle patch for OS …

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Everything IS awesome! Especially awesome if you are styling the all-new The LEGO Movie Game Mac ($32.99), specially priced for early adopting lab rats like you and me. ‘Twas seriously the best movie of the year and Inside Gaming News …

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Apple surprised and delighted many when it not only released an upgraded 2014 Mac mini, but also cut the price by $100. Cool, right? It’s gets better because Apple’s slashed refurbished Mac mini prices, as well, by at least $80.
With …