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Apple Music launches on Tuesday, June 30 at 8am and you will be able to stream Taylor Swift’s smash 1989 album. But, it almost didn’t happen — would you believe that Taylor Swift is actually a hammer throwing super hero?
Yeah, …

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People, Americans especially, are fond of labelling things as either good or bad, success or failure. Usually, however, reality is significantly more nuanced and, quite frankly, more interesting. The example of gigabit broadband, specifically Google Fiber, is instructive.
Technology Review is …

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Otherwise, Acorn 4.5.5 is mostly about bug fixes, including some that affects at least several developers testing OS X El Capitan. And, yes, Photos sharing is a biggish deal.
• Acorn 4.5.5 (MAS, $29.99)
— Acorn now comes with a share extension …

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Over the hills and through the woods — a long boring drive and visit — to grandma’s house we go. Not this year, because you will be forearmed with fun titles from the 2K Mac game sale! Save 50 percent …

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And, our Android friends definitely skew toward cheeseburgers, wings and fries. What does you choice of smartphone say about your dietary habits? Maybe nothing at all. Regardless, the good people at NPD Group have surveyed iPhone owners and Android users …

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Apple has been busy updating Macs here in 2015, but there are still many models yet untouched, notably the company’s 21-inch iMac line. That omission will be addressed this Fall with the introduction of 21-inch 4K iMacs running OS X …

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Sometimes old school is still the best way. Toast has been the go to Mac optical disk solution for years and Toast 14 extends that franchise with hot new features like improved audio capture, edit and enhancement — upgrade today …

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Earlier this year, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) under Chairman Tom Wheeler redefined up “broadband” from a minimum 4Mbps to at least 25Mbps, a good thing™ — anything less isn’t broadband. With Cablevision rolling “free” broadband upgrades, the FCC’s efforts …

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Cord cutting is very a much a thing™ and the latest quarterly pay TV subscriber data backs that up. Moreover, cord shavers, nearly half of pay TV subscribers surveyed have trimmed their cable packages.
Digitalsmiths, which is owned by TiVo, has …

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Although Apple has never promised consumer-facing Liquidmetal products, it still seems like vaporware nonetheless. Yes, Apple did use Liquidmetal in its iPhone 3G SIM removal — as far as anyone outside Apple knows, that’s it.
Regardless, according to documents filed with …