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How to uninstall Adobe Flash

18 November 2011 4,582 views 4 Comments

Join the movement. The fastest growing segment of the internet is mobile and Adobe has said mobile Flash development has been terminated. Thereupon, if Flash isn’t mobile, it’s not long for the desktop either — make it happen faster, starting with your Mac.

It’s a pretty straight forward proposition: If you uninstall Flash, your Mac will use less memory, be more stable and more secure. You will also lose a small portion of the internet (mostly advertising), but the math and weight of history are against Flash.

Getting it gone

Download the Flash Player Uninstaller for OS X 10.6 and later (Uninstaller for OS X 10.4, OS X 10.5). When finished downloading, go to the Downloads folder in the Dock and click/tap “uninstall_flash_player_osx.dmg” to mount the disk image.

Navigate to the Finder and launch Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller. While that’s firing up, you will need to quit all open browsers, which you can do manually one by one or you can let the uninstaller do the work for you.

That is, click Uninstall, type in your password + hit OK, and then click Force Close All.

When the Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller has finished its work, Quit and then fire up your browser(s). To insure that Flash is indeed gone, visit Occupy Flash and look for the smiley face.

And, should you regret the decision, Flash can always be reinstalled and, to limit its impact, use Click to Flash, which prevents obnoxious ads from running and forces HTML5 video to load when available.


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