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[23 Jun 2015 | No Comment | 36 views]

Tale as old as time… It is widely known that rich people love their iPhones. Additionally, given that Mac owners are are said to better educated and better paid, it will surprise no one that Mac shoppers spend more when …

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[23 Jun 2015 | No Comment | 21 views]

Standard operating procedure — Verizon promised wide FiOS availability in states and cities up and down the East Coast while taking billions in subsidies. Finally, they are being called out for their “weasel words” and deeds.
Those are the words Bruce …

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[19 Jun 2015 | No Comment | 16 views]

Two of the most successful, and globally emulated, US government programs of the last 100 years are the rural electrification and universal telephone service programs. The FCC plans to bring that same life changing impact and economic justice to broadband …

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[17 Jun 2015 | No Comment | 33 views]

So, Monster sued Apple property Beats back in January over money — not technology, not patents, just filthy lucre. Since then, Monster has refused Apple’s entreaties to settle the case and now the all iThings maker has revoked the Monster …

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[13 Jun 2015 | No Comment | 12 views]

Citizens of San Francisco have a problem that I would like to be vexed with — multiple broadband internet service providers (ISPs) to choose from. In other words, people in San Francisco enjoy broadband competition, which keeps service levels high …

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[11 Jun 2015 | No Comment | 21 views]

No matter how you slice it — but especially with pastrami and cheese — Pittsburgh is one of the nicest, most sophisticated and yet inexpensive cities anywhere. Perhaps that is what has led Apple to expand its presence in the …

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[2 Jun 2015 | No Comment | 17 views]

Hard to believe, but nonetheless true! Given their sheer size, Comcast and Time Warner are the most hated companies. Measuring only pure animus, however, there is one small midwestern cable company that generates the more hate per customer.
Consumer Reports has …

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[29 May 2015 | No Comment | 9 views]

While regular Fairer Platform readers have been hearing about cord cutting since at least February 2013, Wikipedia volunteers have only just now posted a page dedicated to cord cutting:
In broadcast television, cord cutting, cutting the cord, and cord shaving refer …

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[26 May 2015 | One Comment | 24 views]

Competition is a good thing™ and, whether you realized it or not, there is competition in the broadband speed test space. While most of you know about the FCC Speed Test App and Ookla’s SpeedTest.org there is also DSLReports broadband …

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[19 May 2015 | One Comment | 10 views]

Back in 2012, Simply Mac was a privately held Apple specialist retailer with eight stores in Utah and Wyoming. However, the company was acquired by GameStop three years back and their growth rate ever since has been astonishing, with 70 …

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[7 May 2015 | No Comment | 22 views]

If your high-speed or broadband internet provider has upgraded their network, don’t expect them to notify you. For example, after noticing my broadband provider had updated its marketing, I decided to compare my bill with their current offerings — surprise, …

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[3 May 2015 | One Comment | 22 views]

What broadband speed are you paying for and what speed is your Internet Service Provider (ISP) actually giving you? Infamously, broadband ISPs, like Comcast and Time Warner, are best known for slow speeds and crap customer service. Of course, it’s …

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[2 Apr 2015 | No Comment | 424 views]

Back in January, Google fiber announced it will bring symmetrical 1Gbps Atlanta, as well as Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham and Nashville. Now, Comcast is saying its new 2Gbps fiber-to-the-home Gigabit Pro service will premier in Atlanta — competition, it’s a good thing™.
Comcast …

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[31 Mar 2015 | No Comment | 641 views]

That is, 150MHz in the 3.5GHz band. The FCC started promoting the citizens broadband idea last year around this time when it first floated ideas on how to redistribute radio spectrum no longer needed by the US military.
“It provides an …

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[3 Feb 2015 | One Comment | 720 views]

While Apple is still somewhat “boulish” on sapphire — Foxconn reportedly will try their hand — the failed Apple sapphire factory in Mesa, AZ will be repurposed as a data center.
According to The AP, Apple has announced its intention to …