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How to: Bring back bounce in OS X Mail

23 August 2011 7,369 views 3 Comments

Apple called it Bounce. I prefer to refer to it as “jerk be gone.” Whatever nom de guerre you choose, it is gone in the latest version of Mail and one of OS X Lion’s most lamented missing features.

Way back in March and April, I bemoaned the fact that Bounce had been cut from OS X Lion’s bundled Mail 5. Well, I’m not moaning anymore, because I’ve got it back and so can you.

Here’s how to do it

1. Open Automator (Applications folder)

2. Select “Service” and click “Choose”

3. From “Service receives,” select “no input” in “Mail”

4. Drag “Get Selected Mail Messages” into the workflow

5. Drag “Run AppleScript” into the workflow

6. Then copy and paste the following script into “Run AppleScript”

on run {input, parameters}

tell application “Mail”

repeat with eachMessage in input

bounce eachMessage

end repeat

end tell

end run

7. Click the hammer in the Apple Script window if text goes blue in some parts of the code and black in others it worked
— If you get an error, replacing any smart quotes with straight quotes
— SAVE your new Automator Service as “Bounce”

8. In Mail, pick a message to Bounce and then under the “Mail” menu, look for Service > Bounce and click it — that email (person) is gone, never to come back

That was pretty easy and brings back a much missed feature to Mail 5.

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  • Charlie said:

    Did not work.

    Got Syntax Error message saying “Expected expression, property or key form. etc., but found unknown token.”

    Whatever that means.

  • the rocr (author) said:

    @charlie — You probably copy/pasted a quotation mark someplace by mistake. AppleScript should highlight the errant code.

  • Brian said:

    A developer in Germany had something that bounced like the original Bounce, and it worked up until Mountain Lion. But it does not work for Mavericks. I had tried the method above for Mavericks and it did not work. I won’t waste any time trying to get a work-around for Yosemite.

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