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Firefox 5.0.1 fixes Lion crash, Java issues

13 July 2011 5,460 views 4 Comments

Whereas version 5 was very, very prone to crashing under Mac OS X 10.7, I haven’t the same problems when running Firefox 6. Mozilla’s software simians have taken the matter to heart and delivered an updated that rectifies the problem, as well as a nettlesome Java plugin issue.

See, crabbing and grumbling does work. Open source browser maker Mozilla heard Lion users’ pleas for stability and have now released Firefox 5.0.1, which addresses Mac OS X 10.7 stability and plugin issues:

• Worked around an issue in Mac OS X 10.7 that could cause[d] Firefox to crash [with alarming frequency]

• Worked around an issue caused by Apple’s “Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 5″ where the Java plugin would not be loaded

Get your very own Lion compatible copy of Firefox 5.0.1 here. Alternately, just launch either Firefox versions 4 or 5 and the update will be pushed to you.


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    [...] out, but they’re making a strong play with their accelerated development program. — Firefox 5.0.1 fixes Lion crash, Java [...]

  • Ecig Addict said:

    Hi, what’s this workaround you speak of?

    Lion’s already crashed on me multiple times since upgrading and it happens every time I hit a Youtube link. Everything just freezes up. Happening once a day so far.

    Any advice?


  • janicke73 said:

    Firefox has kept to freeze & crash also after I downloaded the version you mention here. any explanations out there that a newbie like me doesn’t know about? =/

  • Moi said:

    I am using an iMac with Leopard and a MacBook with Snow Leopard, and Firefox 5.0.1 hangs on both systems. Firefox updated itself, I did not seek 5.0.1. Next week I want to upgrade to Lion, but I put that on hold. I am trying to downgrade!

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