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How to: Turn on ‘Do Not Track’ in Safari 5.1

14 April 2011 7,802 views 5 Comments

Tired of being tracked, whatever that means, by advertisers, their surrogates and pimps? An unheralded and likely not yet fully fleshed out “Do Not Track” feature is built into Safari 5.1, which ships as part of Apple’s Mac OS X Lion Preview Release 2.

If you’ve got Lion PR 2, Do Not Track is in there. Here’s how to turn on:

1. In Safari 5.1, open Preferences (Command + comma)

2. Click on the “Advanced” tab and tick the “Show Develop menu”

3. Close preferences

4. From the Develop menu, click “Send Do Not Track HTTP Header.”

That’s that.

It’s anyone’s guess how effective turning on Do Not Track actually is. However, the opening salvo in any war, in this case the right not to be digitally fracked and pumped for profit (with or without legal consent), is always a warning…

What’s your take?

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  • Tiger Neinstein said:

    The point is……….
    They track you and the file updates with itunes (connects to servers)
    You can still be tracked via normal mobile use anyway.
    It’s just Apple wants to have this data for personal use/abuse.

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