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Bing Says, Better in the Original Klingon

15 May 2013 7,917 views No Comment

taH pagh taHbe’! Of course, Shakespeare is better in the original Klingon. For those of us not schooled in the language of Kronos, uncovering this beauty was difficult. However, that has changed now that Microsoft’s Bing Tranlate service implemented translation from English, or scores of other languages, into two Klingon dialects.

Although there have been dictionary efforts with Klingon, there hasn’t been a true translation service with full grammatical structure until now. This is a geeky thing for us to do, but it’s also a fun challenge of our own teams to enhance translations and work with a language with a distinctive pattern — Matt Wallaert, behavioral scientist, Bing

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According to Mashable, Bing worked with the linguistics PhD Marc Okrand, who developed the language for the series, and the Klingon Language Institute.

That said, I’m kind of surprised that Microsoft beat Google to the punch on bringing Klingon translation to world. Well, at least it wasn’t Facebook…

What’s your take?

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