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QuickTime 7 for Mavericks? Yep, It’s Compatible

9 December 2013 390 views 2 Comments

Are there some video file formats that the version of QuickTime X bundled with Mavericks won’t play? Prefer video editing a la QuickTime 7? Yes, you can download, install and run QuickTime 7 for Mavericks!

Did you know that QuickTime 7.6.6, the most up-to-date version available from Apple, is compatible with OS X Snow Leoard, Lion, Mountain Lion and, drum roll please, OS X Mavericks? ‘Tis.

And, you can get you very own copy of QuickTime 7.6.6 here.

Your dad’s QuickTime Pro 7 license that he bequeathed you is still valid, too. QuickTime 7 for Mavericks, who would’ve thunk…

What’s your take?

Source: Installing QuickTime Player 7

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  • Joel Bruner said:

    Certainly glad it still works! Nothing beats QT7 for frame accurate navigation with arrow keys, quickly setting In/Out points with I and O, copy and pasting clips using Command-C and V, and my special setup is to map Command-Shift-K to “Trim to Selection” using OS X’s Keyboard Shortcuts.

    While QT X brought some paid features for free like Exporting to different resolutions, there were definite steps back in terms of functionality and ease of use, as well as obliterating the use Quicktime codecs for output. Basically they took something that worked perfectly well and made it pretty… annoying.

  • cashxx said:

    Thank god because Quicktime X doesn’t compare to Quicktime 7. The easy cut/paste of QT7 rocks for quick edits of video!

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