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How To: Make a USB OS X Mavericks Installer

24 October 2013 1,996 views No Comment

Whether you want to be disaster ready or you’re an administrator that sets up lots of Macs, it is good to have a hard copy, or two, of OS X Mavericks. Here is a tutorial on the things you need have and need to do to make OS X Mavericks Installers.

For what it’s worth, being disaster ready requires a 1-2-3 approach: 1.) A well maintained local copy (i.e. what’s running on your Mac right now), 2.) local back up copy (what we’re about to make) and 3.) remotely sited OS X restore tools (Apple’s integrated recovery tools).

First things first, though. To create a OS X Mavericks installer disk, you must first have a local copy. So, you need to redownload OS X 10.9 from the Mac App Store: Go to the Mac App Store app, press + hold the Option key and click Purchases tab.

Once the Purchases tab loads, you will have the option to download OS X Mavericks again — click download.

Mavericks Installer: USB

For those that read and tried to implement the first version of this how to, apologies.

To make a bootable OS X Mavericks Installer, you will need to download DiskMaker X. This utility can turn the Mavericks installer downloaded into a bootable USB drive.

So, download and install the app. Next, plugin your 8GB or larger USB thumb drive, then fire it DiskMaker X up and just follow the onscreen directions — if you have the appropriate installers, you can make Lion, Mountain Lion or Mavericks USB installers.

That said, if you press Cancel at any time in the processor, you will have to start the app again and try again.

If your copy of the OS X Mavericks Installer is in the Applications folder, it’s default location, DiskMaker X will find it.

Additionally, DiskMaker X erases whatever content is stored on the USB drive, so back up anything important beforehand.

Prefer a more hands method? See the Amsys Tutorial

Once you click the final Continue, the process is entirely automagical and takes about 15 minutes or so. Brilliant!

Via Ars Technica

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