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The fastest Mac I've ever owned — no blarney. A refurbished iMac is now sitting on my desk + iPad + ClamCase and — the ultimate blogging tools!

Post iPad, Build 3.5

The fastest computer I have ever owned, which is no blarney. A brand spanking refurbished iMac is now sitting on my desk and I’m set up for at least the next few years — quad-core 2.5GHz, 12GB RAM, fast graphics card with 512MB and plenty of other awesome.

I just got a refurbished iPad Air + ClamCase Pro with keyboard. Fundamentally, my iPad 3 was still functional, but it just wasn’t running iOS 8 well.

That said, the iPad Air is fast, thin, light and, well, at $339 rather affordable. Further, apps and webpages snap into place and gaming performance is greatly improved.

Blogging Tools: Desktop

2.5GHz iMac w/ 21-inch — 12GB, 500GB, 12X SuperDrive, Radeon HD 6570M w/ 512MB
Apple Memory Module 8GB 1333MHz DDR3 (PC3-10600) – 2x4GB, $62.99 (Prime)
HDE Mini DisplayPort to VGA Female Adaptor for MacTM, $9.25 (Prime)
— Dell 1702FP 17 inch LCD Computer Monitor Screen AC DVI, $12 used on Amazon

Apple Keyboard w/ Numeric Keypad (wired)
— This is the best keyboard I’ve owned since the ’90s.

Apple Magic Trackpad
Magic Trackpad completes OS X Lion (Amazon, $68)
— Don’t throw away batteries — Duracell Value Charger With 4AA Pre Charged Rechargeable Nimh Batteries, CEF14DX4

(1) Neptune 500GB external enclosure

Airport Extreme Base Station ($85 refurbished)
— What a huge difference this dual-band router/hub has made, extending wi-fi to the entire house and spreading it well out into the yard. Chances are whatever you’re using now isn’t as good.
— My previous router/hub was a D-Link DI-524, which was often flaky and offered rather limited range.

In Spring 2015, I added a refurbished Airport Express ($85) to extend the range and performance of the above Airport Extreme Basestation.

Cables To Go 7-Port USB 2.0 Aluminum Hub
— Finally enough (powered) ports and stylish, too!

Blogging Tools: Mobile

The fastest Mac I've ever owned — no blarney. A refurbished iMac is now sitting on my desk + iPad + ClamCase and — the ultimate blogging tools!
Refurbished iPad Air, $339 (04/15)
— This mobile wonder replaced my iPad 3, which replaced a 2010 iPad and that replaced an Early 2008 MacBook.

ClamCase Pro iPad Air Keyboard Case, $139 (Use coupon code BEST30)

JVC HAFX32B Marshmallow Earbuds, Black
— The best “cheap” ($9.75, Prime) in-ear phones I’ve used to date.

What blogging tools are in your kit? Which have failed and which have more than paid for themselves? Sound off in the comments section below…

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  • Brian Blann said:

    I note and appreciate the tips you have offered……all seem about the same sort of things I would recommend to folk—putting the extra money towards other things or maybe just buying something you wouldn’t have bought anyway…..For what it costs the corded keyboard is great….I still lust for something I can either go faster on or that has an included pointing mechanism…..I don’t like all the changes with lion, then Mavericks but I can deal with most of them pretty well & am undertaking to teach two non-computer adult males the how to do …… whatever with some old minis that are becoming theirs. They just have to get internet on their own & try to do reasonable things……I can support two newbies via phone, etc in basic things I think…..I can assist more skilled people with more complex tasks….I’m giving them stuff I have used recently even & maxing the RAM, etc…..but these are all good ideas and good prices. Too often the carriage-trade attitude is counter productive & if they have to have windows, they can buy it & run it where it can be killed and restricted to whatever…..


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