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Netflix Adds $7 Single-Screen SD Plan

31 December 2013 125 views 2 Comments

If you aren’t currently a subscriber and would be happy with standard definition (480p) playback and only on a single device/screen, Netflix has a deal for you — $6.99 a month.

And, that is a buck, one thin greenback per month cheaper than they’re previous entry-level HD + two simultaneous screen offer. So, as shown below, there are now three Netflix tiers — $6.99 (SD, 1 screen), $7.99 (HD, 2 screens) and $11.99 (HD, 4 screens).

Again, the new Netflix $6.99 SD/1 screen tier is only available to new customers. However, a tipster who spoke with AdWeek said the offer will be expanded at some indefinite point in the future.

“[We] will definitely offer it on a wider basis,” a Netflix telephone representative told the informant.

If you haven’t yet tasted the wine, get a free 30-day Netflix trial — full HD playback on two screens.

Netflix Gets Working Poor Math

Who the heck would settle for SD for a measly dollar less? Well, at Fairer Platform world headquarters, our TV set has a backside that shames Kim Kardashian and broadband here, though generally reliable, sometimes has trouble keeping up with SD playback.

So, for us, a dollar off for more of the same, would be welcome — $12 less a year.

If you’re unfamiliar with “working poor math,” that works out to three gallons of milk and a candy bar for dad or a whole bunch of bread at the bakery thrift shop.

Family night out? Try eight McDonald’s dollar menu burgers, two apple pies, a small drink and sit by the harbor (engine off) for ambiance.

Unlike our former cable and satellite TV overlords, it would seem Netflix has a heart, if only a little one…

What’s your take?

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  • Dennis McDonald said:

    I was not even aware that my monthly fee limits the total number of screens I can target. Perhaps the number of screens refers to number of screens used to simultaneously access different program content?

  • the rocr (author) said:

    Yes, it’s all about simultaneous instances.

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