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LCARS Internet Media Reader: ‘Why you bought an iPad’

8 October 2010 5,561 views 4 Comments

Perfection does exist, though it can only be defined only by the individual. Further, it usually lasts for just a moment — anything longer generally doesn’t hold up upon reflection. A look, scent, flavor, kiss and, yes, even an iPad app can frame one (or more) of those fleeting glimpses of the divine.

Yes, I do use the System 47: An LCARS screensaver and it’s pretty cool. I even had the LCARS desktop system mod running on my Mac for a couple months.

Neverthless Krueger Systems’ LCARS Internet Media Reader (iTunes, $4.99) takes the cake. Although it appears to be a mere amusement, this app has real utility not to mention a pure and unabashed geek factor that just might dazzle your Trek-aware friends.

Thereupon, Krueger Systems makes the bold claim that their app is “why you bought an iPad.” Hubris? A bit, but there’s fun and utility to be had.

Check out the FairerPlatform’s Trek page

This is the geekiest bathroom feed reader created to date. That is, you can set it up to load blog, news, Facebook, Craigslist, eBay and pretty much any other feed you can imagine and LCARS Internet Media Reader will deliver the lot a la LCARS, beeping and clicking all the while.

Also, there are built-in Flickr and Picasa feeds, making it an excellent image viewing and discovery vehicle. That is, this app is great for consuming data.

A nifty feature, for example, that presents itself when you’re in portrait mode is you can view individual news search and blog feeds (image below) versus all of them listed together.

Just the fire hose

However, there are caveats with LCARS Internet Media Reader. For one, sharing is restricted to email only. That is, Facebook and Twitter integration is limited to viewing feeds, yours and others, only. You can perform a Twitter search but can’t retweet it, only email it.

Additionally, aside from “mute,” to turn off all of those happy beeps and gurgles, and “add source” buttons, there are no other user configurable settings. You can’t remove the Flickr or other preset feeds and you even edit the order — they’re alphabetical.

Will these issues be corrected? Given that LCARS Internet Media Reader was introduced in late May and they’re currently shipping v1.4, I imagine Krueger Systems will keep banging out updates — they’ve already added new features and quashed many bugs.

Get your geek on

Speaking from personal experience, LCARS Internet Media Reader will freak your Trek loving friends out, but in a good way.

Seriously, imagine this scenario: “Hey did you see that story about…” or “Did you get my Tweet?” And, you answer, “Yeah and here it is,” displayed cleverly [beeping and gurgling happily] on your iPad.

Is that (perfect) moment — the look of amazement spreads across their face — alone worth $5? Yeah, I really think it is.

You might even feel it a few times yourself…

What’s your take?

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