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The best Sci-Fi isn’t on TV

1 February 2011 4,026 views 3 Comments

You won’t find much Sci-Fi on basic cable and the full digital experience with all of the channels, of which you’re likely only to watch a dozen or so, will cost $120 and up every single month. Here are at the Fairer Platform we do have RoadRunner broadband and, price aside, it’s acceptable, which means that we’re not going without — there’s a lot of great TV, including sci-fi, available on your iPad.

TVUPlayer for iPad and iPhone (iTunes, $4.99) includes CBNS TV, which packed with some great first run sci-fi — really fresh, really free. Current programming includes the latest and ’80s V series, Star Trek (TOS), Inception, King Kong, iRobot, The Island, Close Encounters and Tron Legacy.

Yes, the stream chokes during prime time, but it runs great when I’m watching after everyone else has gone to bed.

We posted a review of TVUPlayer for iPad last Fall and it’s still one of my favorite entertainment apps. Although I can always find something new and interesting, like CBNS TV (Sci-Fi) and CBNS Docs (documentary), this app’s interface is still rudimentary at best.

And, yeah, I’m still loving MTV videos from the ’80s and ’90s on Broccoli TV. Mmm, Jeon Ji Hyun…

What’s your take?

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  • Nonnus said:

    it might be a good idea to mention that available channels seem to change from country to country

    i am currently in brazil
    purchased the app after reading this article and when i searched for the mentioned cbns tv i couldnt find it, onlu the cbns docs and (several others, of course)

  • the rocr (author) said:

    Didn’t know they limit stations by country — thanks for the tip.

    You can find a TVU channel guide here (http://pages.tvunetworks.com/tvguide/tvGuide.do), though it seems only a portion of the channels available in the app are listed.

    There doesn’t appear to be country-specific info, so caveat emptor!

  • Jake said:

    Broccoli-TV rules my world!

    I heard they are producing an iPad app as well. Hope it’s free. Love those 80′s videos and the sexy host.

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