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Star Trek widgets for your Mac

11 May 2011 5,477 views 4 Comments

Want a taste of Trek on your Mac without spending, well, anything or sucking up a lot of resources? The Fairer Platform has the perfect solution for you. Actually, we’ve come up with seven Mac OS X Dashboard Widgets that fit the bill — they’re free, fun and very light on disk space and system resources.

TNG Time Widget, 64K — Apple’s default World Clock Dashboard widget is just so boring and where’s the star date? The Star Trek: The Next Generation Time Widget puts you in time with the universe and does in the appropriate, actually, the only style worthy of consideration.

TNG Calendar, 124K — Here again, Apple’s default Calendar widget is just so utilitarian and, well, blasé. Chart a fresh course with this widget and dump the Gregorian Calendar once and for all.

Trek Core News Feed, 420K — Get up-to-date Star Trek news from one of the premiere fan sites. What’s happening in the Star Trek universe is now just a mouse gesture away — don’t miss a thing.

Check out the Fairer Platform’s Trek for Mac, iOS pages, featuring 16 apps, reviews and how to’s from the Star Trek universe.

Trek Trivia, 811K — Over 250 facts covering all five live-action television series (Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise).

Shatner Facts, 783K — You won’t know Shat until you get this widget! Here’s an ideal way for every Captain Kirk, Denny Crane or T.J. Hooker fan to get up to speed with the man — 115 facts about William Shatner covering his career, life, loves and likes.

Stardate, 92K — Display the current date using the stardate system from Star Trek. Show both TNG and TOS style stardates and leave the Gregorian Calendar behind.

Warp Speed Calculator, 176K — Have you ever wondered how long it would really take the USS Enterprise to travel from Earth to Vulcan at Warp 5? Or how far the USS Defiant could possibly get at Warp 9 in just five days? The Warp Speed Calculator is designed to answer these questions — simply input two of three variables (speed, distance, and time), and the widget will calculate the third for you — be a Treknology expert!

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