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Every Apple Mouse, Especially the Bad Ones

4 November 2013 1,852 views One Comment

I have loved many Macs. In some way or another, all of the Macs I’ve used or owned. However, aside from a clutch of beloved ADB II mice, pretty much every other Apple mouse I’ve owned has ended up in a drawer.

That said, designer Josh Bader has put together a tribute to the humble Apple mouse, from the original Lisa mouse to today’s Magic Mouse — check it out over at CodePen.

All very well and nice, but 512 Pixels and Wikipedia have descriptions, anecdotes and photos of every Apple mouse:

— Lisa Mouse
— Macintosh Mouse
— Mouse IIc
— Mouse II
— Mouse
— Mouse IIe
— ADB Mouse
— ADB Mouse II
— USB Mouse
— Pro Mouse
— Wireless Mouse
— Mighty Mouse
— Magic Mouse

Wanna go deep on the original Mac Mouse, which was almost identical to the Lisa Mouse? Head over to Andy Hertzfeld’s Folklore.org. Vectronic’s Apple World has also compiled a history of the Apple Mouse.

Although there is certainly room for disagreement, the USB Mouse (aka the hockey puck) is likely the most disliked Apple mouse of all time, though younger Mac users might cite the Mighty Mouse (aka pimple mouse) as the worst.

What was your favorite Apple Mouse? Which Apple Mouse was/is the worst?

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