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Mac 30th Celebration Planned for Jan 25

22 December 2013 1,071 views No Comment

A long, long list of early Apple luminaries, and surprise guests, will gather at the Flint Center for the Mac 30th Celebration — Mark Markkula will present, Ridley Scott will talk 1984 shop and the Hair of Breen is fronting the Macworld All Star Band.

All in celebration of the first presentation of the original Macintosh — Steve Jobs et al introduced it to investors and shareholders at the Flint Center on January 24, 1984.

MAC@30 Anniversary Celebration Jan 25, 2014

In honor of the original Macintosh Development Team, All Planet Studios, the Computer History Museum and Macworld/iWorld announce a celebration of the 30 year anniversary of the Macintosh.

On January 24, 1984, Apple launched the Macintosh personal computer. The event, immortalized by Steve Jobs’ presentation and Ridley Scott’s legendary 1984 television commercial, propelled this insanely great little machine into the limelight and forever changed the world.

On January 25, 2014 the public is invited to celebrate and acknowledge the extended team whose efforts popularized the graphical user interface and WYSIWYG software and defined computing for the rest of us.

The event will be held at the beautifully appointed Flint Center in Cupertino, CA, a few miles from the Apple campus, in the since renovated 2,300 seat auditorium where Steve Jobs introduced the Mac.

In a series of panel discussions, members of the original team will share memories about the conception, birth and coming of age of the Apple Macintosh. Previously unreleased video will recreate those early days. And, Ridley Scott will participate regarding the iconic 1984 commercial conceived by Steve Hayden, Brent Thomas and Lee Clow. Stage events, testimonials and surprise guests will offer a treasure trove of recollections about the era.

In one of the evening’s highlights, Mike Markkula will be part of a presentation acknowledging the unsung heroes of the computer revolution — the original Mac team.

The event will be capped by a musical performance by The Macworld All Star Band, featuring Chris Breen, Bryan Chaffin, Dave Hamilton, Paul Kent, Chuck La Tournous, Duane Straub and Bob LeVitus.

Profits from the event will be donated to charities dedicated to promoting computer and Internet literacy.

Lastly, the Mac 30th Celebration will be filmed for inclusion in the Day of the Night documentary, which will celebrate the people behind the Macintosh.

Source: Mac 30th Celebration

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