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Mavericks Tips: Let It Snow In Your Terminal

27 December 2013 1,036 views No Comment

We’re calling this a Mavericks tip, but it’s gonna work on pretty much whatever modern Mac is sitting on your desk. Just copy and paste the code into Terminal and, just like (ascii) magic, you have snow.

Here is a tip posted on Command Line Magic way, way back in 2011 and last updated in December 2012. Nevertheless, it is fun and easy.

Fire up Terminal and then copy/paste the following bit o’ code and hit Return.

ruby -e 'C=`stty size`.scan(/\d+/)[1].to_i;S=["2743".to_i(16)].pack("U*");a={};puts "\033[2J";loop{a[rand(C)]=0;a.each{|x,o|;a[x]+=1;print "\033[#{o};#{x}H \033[#{a[x]};#{x}H#{S} \033[0;0H"};$stdout.flush;sleep 0.1}'

Cool, eh? Make a bit cooler by changing Terminal display settings. Go to Preferences > Settings and double click on the profile you would like to use — tip: “Pro” is translucent and shows your desktop back (or whatever) behind the window.

If you want to run Snow in your Terminal in full screen, just click the Green jewel, press Control + C to stop the Snow and then copy/paste the above code snippet and hit Return to restart.

Know of a nifty Mavericks tip or trick? Share it in the comments below…

Via Cult of Mac

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