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Apple Explains ‘Using the Late 2013 Mac Pro on Its Side’

6 January 2014 716 views No Comment

Laying down on the job is usually frowned upon, for Apple's Late 2013 Mac Pro, however, it's just another day at the office and no reason for concern

Generally speaking, laying down on the job is frowned upon. However, although prerelease speculation suggested that running the trashcan Mac in anything other than an upright position would lead to automatic shutdown (or damage), for Apple’s Late 2013 Mac Pro, it’s just another day at the office and no reason for concern.

Apple has published a Knowledge Base article entitled Using the Mac Pro (Late 2013) on its side, which clears up this non-issue.

“Although the Late 2013 Mac Pro is designed to operate in an upright position, you can also use it on its side,” writes Apple. “The Late 2013 Mac Pro has a fan system capable of cooling the computer in a vertical or horizontal orientation as long as you follow these guidelines.”

— Provide enough space at each end of the computer for unrestricted airflow into the base and out the exhaust at the top. Make sure that the air intake and exhaust ports are not covered.
— When using multiple Late 2013 Mac Pro computers, do not direct the exhaust at the top of one Mac Pro towards the intake of another system. Place the computers side by side with a gap of at least several inches between them.
— When on its side, secure the Late 2013 Mac Pro to be sure that it doesn’t roll. Place the computer on a protective surface that will not scratch or damage the enclosure. Note: The Apple Limited Warranty does not cover cosmetic damage to the enclosure
— Orient the computer so that the Input/Output (I/O) panel remains accessible during use

When Apple announced the Mac Pro in June at the 2013 Worldwide Developer Conference, folks were concerned that it would cost $5,000 or more, be unrepairable and unupgradeable.

Pretty much all of that turned out to be very untrue

Never underestimate Apple’s ability to surprise and delight, especially the little things…

What’s your take?

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