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Where Did My iTunes Movies Go?

18 October 2013 5,714 views No Comment

Sometimes when Apple does “stuff,” it’s cool and prescient, like killing the floppy in the original iMac. Other times, like MacBooks with no user serviceable parts, not so much. Recently, after updating to iTunes 11.1, many users were left wondering, “Where did my iTunes movies go?”

Apple added a new feature in iTunes 11.1, another way to categorize movies, which they applied automagically as part of the update process. The upshot? All of the movies you ripped from DVD or acquired from other sources were recategorized as “Home Movies” and now your Apple TV, etc can’t see them anymore.

There is a simple work around. When you select Computers on your Apple TV, you will see Home Videos in the media list — select it.

However, if you want all of your movies — iTunes purchase, ripped, etc — in a single, browser location, then you need to work a little harder.

In iTunes, go to Movies (Command + 2), Select All (Command + A) and then create a New Smart Playlist (Command + Option + N) and set it like this: Media Kind + is + Home Video.

Next, to parse out any real Home Videos in your new Smart Playlist, click the Time column and look for the shorter vids — make a mental note of which movies are actually Home Videos and leave them alone.

Lastly, select the longer movies that aren’t actual Home Videos, press Command + I (Get Info), click the Option tab, select Movies from Media Kind and, lastly, click OK.

So, where did your iTunes movies go? They just went through a lengthy recategoricization process thanks to those helpful people at Apple…

What’s your take?

Source: Macworld

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