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15 free Mountain Lion screensavers

14 August 2012 74,790 views 2 Comments

And, when I say Mountain Lion screensavers, I mean ones that are compatible with Apple OS X 10.8. Here is a fine listing of 15 OS X Mountain Lion ready screensavers from independent and Mac App Store developers. From practical (clocks) to simply beautiful (fractals), I have tried to find tastes for every tongue while emphasizing value.

Or, put another way, all of the screensavers listed herein are free.

• X-Galaxy, X-Galaxy Vortex, download
— An animated nebula screensaver + 3D version of the same, a two-fer!

• Screensaver + free, Mac App Store
— Feature two clock designs, flip clock and traditional clock

• Ephemeral, download
— Draws animated IFS fractals, giving an ever-changing display of complex, natural shapes

• Aquarium Screensaver Lite (image above), Mac App Store
— Make your desktop into a fully customized aquarium, beautifully realistic images and lovely fish
— Top pick

• LotsaWater, download
— Renders a fairly realistic water effect over your desktop, showing it distorted through the wavy surface of the water as raindrops fall on the surface
— Top pick

• Screen Saver Lite, Mac App Store
— Helps you make all kinds of screensavers easily. A large number of diversified screensaver templates are built in, bright and colorful

• Electric Sheep, download

— A collective “android dream”, blending man and machine to create an artificial life form
— Top pick

• iScreensaver Personal 4, Mac App Store
— The only way to mix movies and photos in one screensaver

Rastafied, download
— Another OpenGL based screensaver featuring an effect of the demo Super SIDekick.

Raindrops, download
— Approximates the ripples from raindrops as they fall in a puddle

Plasma Tunnel, download
— The result of a boring, rainy sunday here in Germany
— Top pick

• System 47, click through for download
— An LCARS style modular animated screen saver
— Still functions, but it’s Flash-based and a little crashy

• Matrix Reloaded GL, click through for download
— A cascading alpha-numeric character screensaver that morphs to display Matrix characters

• Hyperspace, click through for download
— Simulates what it might be like to travel at speeds faster than light

• FreshComics, download
— Uses the weekly Fresh Comics update to create a colorful fullscreen gallery of covers from the week’s upcoming issues

And, why didn’t Apple include actual Mountain Lion desktop pictures (wallpapers) when it shipped OS X 10.8? Who knows, but the Fairer Platform has collected 10 Mountain Lion wallpapers for your Mountain Lion Mac from 10 unique wallpaper sites — dig in.

Know of great Mountain Lion compatible screensavers or have links for Cougar pics suitable for the desktop? Share a link in the comments below…

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  • Mark said:

    Bring back the Mosaic/Collage screensaver that disappeared after Lion OS. It was a beautiful way to showcase an album of favorite photos. Instead, later variations include such clunky versions as Tiles and Sliding Panels.


    And while we’re at it, how about some brainy programmer figuring out how to launch and iTunes playlist along with the screensaver. How cool would that be?

  • Laura Murchison said:

    I bought a new iMac SPECIFICALLY for my 136K pics to be on mosaic. AND IT’S DISCONTINUED?! This is the first MAJOR let down Apple. Boo!!! Just fix it already!

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